About Robert Landy

I have always been attracted to people and places beautiful in their otherness and edginess. As a therapist, I worked with people who live with personality disorders, mental illness, traumatic brain injury, addiction and trauma. As a theatre artist and composer, I have created work about people who have murdered, abused family members, seen God. And as a photographer, I focus on discovering the extraordinary in the mundane—placing masks of my face on the bodies of people in everyday settings, inventing orbits and dimensions within the compass of circles, capturing a beautiful form or a subliminal message in the peeling paint on walls, in the fading glory of my beloved New York City, in the ordinary strangeness of people in prayer, at work and play.

I have been fortunate to play many roles in my professional and personal life. In the role of photographer I integrate them all as I attempt to make sense of the interior and external world through framing it in all its ordinariness and otherness, stillness and drama, illness and health. 

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